Video Scope module for 8 and 35mm film digitizing

When digitizing film stock, color rendering can shift over time, resulting in less realistic output requiring further color correction downstream.

The StreamPix 6 Video Scopes module can dramatically improve workflow for film digitizing by providing real-time feedback on the color space during the conversion process, reducing the need for further color correction later. The Video Scopes module includes a Waveform Monitor, Vector scope, Histogram and YUV/RGB parade.

The Waveform Monitor is an industry-standard video calibration instrument that measures video luminance and chroma components. For SD and HD video displays, the RGB values are converted to YCrCb for display.

The Vector scope shows Hue and Saturation levels. It is a great tool for indicating white balance, as shifts in hue are readily visible when offset from the white (255) and black (0) center of the scope. Layout rings help the visualization, with mini-targets are at 2.5 IRE and at 2.5 degrees, and outer targets are at 20 IRE and 10 degrees. Chrominance may be isolated by converting the RGB color space to YCrCb, and using the CrCb component to calculate the necessary vector (angle and magnitude) from the colour data. Rendered data can be displayed as Percent, IRE or RGB values.

The Histogram displays pixel depth from 0 to 255 is on the X axis, with the number of occurrences per pixel on the Y axis.
RGB parade shows individual RGB color values and intensities. There are two settings: RGB (Tri-mode) or luminance and RGB (Quad-Mode). The YUV parade shows the luminance and chrominance values. Data display for both is in Percent, IRE or RGB.

The color space conversion for each instrument follows industry video standards of BT.610 for SD and BT.709 for HD. Originating color space is pure 24-bit RGB with full gamut and converted to limited gamut YUV or YCrCb depending on the instrument setting, with appropriate 8-bit scaling and IRE level limits. Settings can be saved and re-used.