Underwater High-speed Web Streaming and multi-camera recording

NorPix has developed a system for a military client providing underwater high-speed web streaming HD capture at 338 frames per second from 18 cameras simultaneously along with live streaming to a remote recording station.

Underwater High-speed Web Streaming
The solution uses StreamPix Remote to manage 18 Emergent HS-2000 cameras in waterproof enclosures. The setup uses 5 PCs for uncompressed recording from up to 4 cameras each, 2 PCs for compressed recording, and one PC for remote control and real-time display. All camera-to-host connections are by 30- to 150-meter fiber optic cables, each on a 10GigE network.

Details of the system include:

  • Each of the front line computers records a total of 2.6 GB data/second from four HD 1920×1080, 338 fps cameras in uncompressed RAW8 format.
  • Every 24th frame (1 in 14) is decimated to half resolution (960 x 540) and real-time H.264 compressed so that a live stream is delivered to 2 secondary remote recording stations at about 50 megabits/second. The H.264 compression is GPU accelerated.
  • The remote PC controls recording and playback, as well as gain, exposure, and white balance for each camera. It also allows control of focus and iris.
  • Dual large monitors provide a tiled display of all cameras plus a large display of a selected camera directly on the 2 secondary recording stations.

For more information, contact: Sales@norpix.com