Continuous Web Break Monitoring for your Production Line

Paper break module for paper crash/jam monitoring system

Continuous looping before and after break.

Upon receipt of trigger, module will extract and generate an MP4 video based on the pre and post settings.

Automatic export to a specific directory.

Record, monitor while compressing and exporting.

Long time recording.

JPEG compression for optimized recording time.

Multiple cameras simultaneously.

Compatible GigE Vision, 10 GigE Vision, USB3.0 Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress and ONVIF.



Capture in continuous rolling butter mode.

Pre-Post mode with event trigger and marking.

Multiple camera recording setup.

10 GigE Vision with fiber.

4 cameras at 2048 x 1088 x 330 frame per second.

Rugged Portable or desktop solutions.

Long time recording.

Touch screen compatible.

Quick and easy application setup and operation with Stream Touch or Troublepix.

Resolution up to 50 MP.



Motion detection module

Detect significant motion or change in image grey levels to trigger an event.

Triggering can start, stop, mark frame or set prepost marker.

Perform detection over a region of interest.

Detect directly from camera.

Adjust sensitivity of detection.

Mean Grey or Absolute difference.