Film scanning: Preserving the past for posterity

Deck: Although the parade may have gone by for Hollywood’s Golden era, it is only just beginning for those involved in film preservation.

Starting his career as a documentary film maker in Alaska, North America, film restoration and preservation could not have been further from the mind of Reed Bovee, now Chief Technical Officer at Reflex Technologies (Burbank, CA, USA). However, when the lack of available good quality archival footage of historic events became apparent, Bovee and his colleagues decided to build a film scanner to meet the demand. Read more

Video Scope module for 8 and 35mm film digitizing

When digitizing film stock, color rendering can shift over time, resulting in less realistic output requiring further color correction downstream.

The StreamPix 6 Video Scopes module can dramatically improve workflow for film digitizing by providing real-time feedback on the color space during the conversion process, reducing the need for further color correction later. The Video Scopes module includes a Waveform Monitor, Vector scope, Histogram and YUV/RGB parade. Read more