Streampix airborne recording station

Streampix based high speed recording station for extreme conditions such as airborne, shipboard, and land-based applications requiring most uncompromising environments.

This solution uses computers from Crystal Rugged, these workstations are build for applications designed to work in a variety of extreme environments; extreme schock/vibe, extreme temperature ranges, sand/dust, salt/fog,. This workstation is desgined to meet and exceed MIL-STDs 167-1, 461, 810, and MI-S-901D.

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Streampix provides ARINC 818 recording solution to market leader Great River Technology

Norpix invites you to read this message from Paul Grunwald and to download Testing, Simulating, and Validating ARINC 818 Interfaces, A White Paper by Paul Grunwald, Director of Business Development, Great River Technology


Paul Grunwald, Director of Business Development, Great River Technology

Paul Grunwald, Director of Business Development, Great River Technology

In the field of mission-critical, high-speed video and data systems, ARINC 818 is capable and proven in cockpit displays, mission processors, sensors, HUDs, and HMDs.

Testing, Simulating and Validating ARINC 818 Interfaces, My new white paper, provides insight that will be helpful for both system engineers and production test engineers. The paper provides a step-by-step approach for well-managed design and development. Grunwald describes how the full suite of  COTS ARINC 818 tools can be used to test and verify your display or sensor systems.

Recognize the potential of ARINC 818 and stay at the forefront of high-speed digital video.

Since 2012, I have been Director of Business Development at Great River Technology, the global leader in ARINC 818 implementation.


Paul Grunwald

Airborne high resolution capture application using a portable PC


The MegaPAC L1 product is a robust portable computer built using all aluminum sheet metal to provide tough, go-anywhere unit suitable for tough environments and mobile applications.

This airborne capture system uses a portable computer with multiple drives for capturing high resolution images at low frame rate all day long. In this instance, the camera to be used will be a 29MP camera link camera in 12 bit mode. Frame rate on the camera is 5 fps for a total data rate of 290 MB/second. Over an 8 hour day this represents over 8 Terabytes.

Customer constraints were based on capturing in Raid10 for data redundancy.

Norpix has proposed using Streampix with the GPS module and a portable computer from ACME. The Streampix software can easily capture video data from the camera with GPS tagging and time stamping to disk in uncompressed format. Norpix proposed to our reseller the use of the ACME computer which allows the use of normal high capacity hard disk drives in a portable format.



With its functional design and rugged construction, the MegaPAC L1 is the most durable and versatile portable platform for your applications.

  • Each drive is over 4 Terrabytes
  • ACME computer can fit 7 drives
  • Total capture capacity is 28 Terrabytes
  • Raid setup is Raid5 to provide some data protection, but Raid 10 can also be used by reducing capacity
  • ACME provides hot swap capabilities permitting the customer to easily change disks
  • Power source between 12 and 28 Volts DC for helicopter use.

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