Portable High-Speed Capture at 1,500 fps x 800 x 600 – NorPix High-Speed Capture and Troubleshooting Solutions

NorPix has engineered a solution to capture a synchronized dual frame grabber solution on the Xenics Cheetah 640 series SWIR area scan camera.

Laboratory rats, mice and rodent video capture for biomedical research

Multiple camera setup. Compatible with GigE Vision, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE, Camera Link and CoaXPress cameras. Supports cameras and frame grabbers from over 200 different OEM’s using native API’s. Synchronize camera exposure over multiple cameras and over multiple computers.

High-Speed Imagery for Elite Sporting Events

Critical moments in professional sports often happen in the blink of an eye. In baseball, a pitcher delivers his fastball to the plate in about 400 milliseconds. In 2008, Michael Phelps won the Olympic gold medal in the 100m butterfly by a half-stroke – barely 10 milliseconds. And although times are often only published to a resolution of 1/10th of a second, final timing in races are tracked to 1/100th of a second – sometimes even down to the sub-millisecond range. Read more

Film scanning using StreamPix on a 50 year old Kodachrome film

NorPix was pleased to offer Film Scanning using Streampix 7 to make this video as enjoyable as possible for all to watch using modern technologies.

Film scanning: Preserving the past for posterity

Deck: Although the parade may have gone by for Hollywood’s Golden era, it is only just beginning for those involved in film preservation.

Starting his career as a documentary film maker in Alaska, North America, film restoration and preservation could not have been further from the mind of Reed Bovee, now Chief Technical Officer at Reflex Technologies (Burbank, CA, USA). However, when the lack of available good quality archival footage of historic events became apparent, Bovee and his colleagues decided to build a film scanner to meet the demand. Read more

Custom application from NorPix partner Dage-MTI using Web Streamer encoder

NorPix invites you to read this news on the Web Streamer encoder from DAGE-MTI: HD-Stream: Viewing Multiple Live Streams at a Central Lab


Product: HD-Stream
SUBJECT: Viewing Multiple Live Streams at a Central Lab

Dear Colleagues,

We recently shared the exciting introduction of HD-Stream, our new live streaming solution for clinical, medical and industrial applications. In an effort to provide you with helpful tools, knowledge and information on the benefits of using HD-Stream, we provide “news you can use” with application notes.

Imagine this scenario: A hospital has a central lab, as well as a number of remote satellite labs. The hospital can simply include an HD-Stream box at each of its satellite locations to stream live and secure images directly to the central lab for immediate collaboration on their frozen sections, FNAs, gram stains, cytopathology samples and more.

Because each HD-Stream box has a unique IP address, a remote viewer (the central lab) can see the incoming live streams from the satellite labs simultaneously. This is accomplished by opening a separate VLC viewing window for each incoming stream. Multiple streams can even be viewed simultaneously on a single monitor by resizing the viewing windows or by sending each stream to its own monitor.

Live consultation has never been easier!

Web Streamer encoder





Streampix airborne recording station

Streampix based high speed recording station for extreme conditions such as airborne, shipboard, and land-based applications requiring most uncompromising environments.

This solution uses computers from Crystal Rugged, these workstations are build for applications designed to work in a variety of extreme environments; extreme schock/vibe, extreme temperature ranges, sand/dust, salt/fog,. This workstation is desgined to meet and exceed MIL-STDs 167-1, 461, 810, and MI-S-901D.

Read more

Motion capture

High speed motion capture of a lawyer and witness in a courtroom situation.  Study interaction between multiple actors.  Captured using machine vision cameras at higher than normal video rates, solutions available from 30 to 900 fps at HD resolution. 

Both cameras can capture in sync at various speeds from 30 to 900 fps depending on interface. In addition to video, you can also capture audio.

  Motion capture

Underwater High-speed Web Streaming and multi-camera recording

NorPix has developed a system for a military client providing underwater high-speed web streaming HD capture at 338 frames per second from 18 cameras simultaneously along with live streaming to a remote recording station.

Underwater High-speed Web Streaming
The solution uses StreamPix Remote to manage 18 Emergent HS-2000 cameras in waterproof enclosures. The setup uses 5 PCs for uncompressed recording from up to 4 cameras each, 2 PCs for compressed recording, and one PC for remote control and real-time display. All camera-to-host connections are by 30- to 150-meter fiber optic cables, each on a 10GigE network.

Details of the system include:

  • Each of the front line computers records a total of 2.6 GB data/second from four HD 1920×1080, 338 fps cameras in uncompressed RAW8 format.
  • Every 24th frame (1 in 14) is decimated to half resolution (960 x 540) and real-time H.264 compressed so that a live stream is delivered to 2 secondary remote recording stations at about 50 megabits/second. The H.264 compression is GPU accelerated.
  • The remote PC controls recording and playback, as well as gain, exposure, and white balance for each camera. It also allows control of focus and iris.
  • Dual large monitors provide a tiled display of all cameras plus a large display of a selected camera directly on the 2 secondary recording stations.

For more information, contact: Sales@norpix.com

Streampix provides ARINC 818 recording solution to market leader Great River Technology

Norpix invites you to read this message from Paul Grunwald and to download Testing, Simulating, and Validating ARINC 818 Interfaces, A White Paper by Paul Grunwald, Director of Business Development, Great River Technology


Paul Grunwald, Director of Business Development, Great River Technology

Paul Grunwald, Director of Business Development, Great River Technology

In the field of mission-critical, high-speed video and data systems, ARINC 818 is capable and proven in cockpit displays, mission processors, sensors, HUDs, and HMDs.

Testing, Simulating and Validating ARINC 818 Interfaces, My new white paper, provides insight that will be helpful for both system engineers and production test engineers. The paper provides a step-by-step approach for well-managed design and development. Grunwald describes how the full suite of  COTS ARINC 818 tools can be used to test and verify your display or sensor systems.

Recognize the potential of ARINC 818 and stay at the forefront of high-speed digital video.


Since 2012, I have been Director of Business Development at Great River Technology, the global leader in ARINC 818 implementation.


Paul Grunwald

Airborne high resolution capture application using a portable PC


The MegaPAC L1 product is a robust portable computer built using all aluminum sheet metal to provide tough, go-anywhere unit suitable for tough environments and mobile applications.

This airborne capture system uses a portable computer with multiple drives for capturing high resolution images at low frame rate all day long. In this instance, the camera to be used will be a 29MP camera link camera in 12 bit mode. Frame rate on the camera is 5 fps for a total data rate of 290 MB/second. Over an 8 hour day this represents over 8 Terabytes.

Customer constraints were based on capturing in Raid10 for data redundancy.

Norpix has proposed using Streampix with the GPS module and a portable computer from ACME. The Streampix software can easily capture video data from the camera with GPS tagging and time stamping to disk in uncompressed format. Norpix proposed to our reseller the use of the ACME computer which allows the use of normal high capacity hard disk drives in a portable format.



With its functional design and rugged construction, the MegaPAC L1 is the most durable and versatile portable platform for your applications.

  • Each drive is over 4 Terrabytes
  • ACME computer can fit 7 drives
  • Total capture capacity is 28 Terrabytes
  • Raid setup is Raid5 to provide some data protection, but Raid 10 can also be used by reducing capacity
  • ACME provides hot swap capabilities permitting the customer to easily change disks
  • Power source between 12 and 28 Volts DC for helicopter use.

For more information:  sales@norpix.com

Multi camera capture in the fight against malaria

This is a system developed by NorPix® for Prof. David Towers from Warwick University, formerly from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The multi camera capture system is being used in the field in Tanzania where Prof. Towers is investigating optical techniques and quantitative data analysis to understand mosquito behavior in sub-Saharan dwellings in order to design more effective controls of malaria transmission. The system is powered off of a Honda generator on the edge of a swamp (mosquito breeding area).

Picture here shows where the computers are kept so that Prof Towers can conduct his research on mosquitos. On the right, you can see the experimental hut with the capture cameras.

Picture here shows where the computers are kept so that Prof Towers can conduct his research on mosquitos. On the right, you can see the experimental hut with the capture cameras.

This research team has submitted a publication to Nature Scientific Reports with follow up papers in the Royal Society Interface and in the Malaria Journal.

Infrared tracking of multiple mosquitoes attempting to reach a human volunteer.

Infrared tracking of multiple mosquitoes attempting to reach a human volunteer.

The system used in this research has 2 Baumer cameras at a resolution of 4MP each. The researchers are looking at adding 2 more cameras. This would allow the research to expand to other parts of Africa where there are insecticide resistant mosquito populations. A third project would require the use of 8 Baumer 4MP cameras, all capturing moving mosquitos in sync.

StreamPix 6 multiple camera is used to capture images from two cameras at 4MP each. The StreamPix motion detection module is used to monitor fly activity.  The module monitors activity at 10 images per second and triggers a capture at 100 fps from each camera once motion is detected for a specific length of time.  The length of sequence capture is adjustable by the user

You can read more about Combatting Malaria in the Financial Times of London and you can download their special report on Malaria published at the end of April 2015.

Video Scope module for 8 and 35mm film digitizing

When digitizing film stock, color rendering can shift over time, resulting in less realistic output requiring further color correction downstream.

The StreamPix 6 Video Scopes module can dramatically improve workflow for film digitizing by providing real-time feedback on the color space during the conversion process, reducing the need for further color correction later. The Video Scopes module includes a Waveform Monitor, Vector scope, Histogram and YUV/RGB parade. Read more

Small form factor recorder from Neousys

Small form factor recorder from Neousys

Small form factor recorders have the advantage of small size, useful for outdoor usage or when there is constraint in space. Unfortunately, they also have some limitations for long duration high speed video recording, as they come with limited expansion slots and fewer interfaces for media storage.

A number of companies make PC based small form factor units compatible with our StreamPix, TroublePix and Hermes API software products. Neousys, a Taiwanese company, makes 2 interesting fanless units that can accommodate an Intel core i7 CPU: the Nuvo 4000 and the Nuvo-3616VR.

The Nuvo 4000 has 2 PCI Express expansion slots that are compatible with frame grabbers. The unit comes with 4x USB 3.0 and 2x GigE ports pre-installed for use with USB 3 Vision and GigE Vision cameras. The limiting factor on this unit is that only 2 hard disks can be installed.

The Nuvo-3616VR unit provides no internal PCI Express expansion slot, but on the other hand, comes with 2x USB 3.0 and 16 GigE ports. All are compatible with USB 3.0 Vision and GigE Vision cameras that are supported by our software products. Furthermore, this unit accommodates 4 disk slots, two internal and two removable. This is one of the most flexible units for long term recording using USB 3.0 Vision or GigE Vision cameras.


Motion analysis high-speed video capture for biomechanical applications

When capturing for motion analysis or the biomechanics of animals such as bats, primates, or lizards, it is essential that their movements be captured at high speed. With StreamPix® software, either a single camera or multiple synced cameras can be used to take rapid, uncompressed video.

In this example, a portable setup is shown for capturing lizard movements in an outdoor environment. Read more