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Geo-Mapping Imaging Capture

– Multiple camera capture – HD resolution up to 50 MP – Tag each image with GNSS metadata –
Frame capture rate driven by travel distance using DMI device – Real Time JPEG compression.
Supports over 200 different types of cameras and frame grabbers using native API’s …

Film scanning: Preserving the past for posterity

Deck: Although the parade may have gone by for Hollywood’s Golden era, it is only just beginning for those involved in film preservation. Starting his career as a documentary film maker in Alaska, North America, film restoration and preservation could not have been further from the mind of Reed Bovee, now Chief Technical Officer at […]

Streampix airborne recording station

Streampix based high speed recording station for extreme conditions such as airborne, shipboard, and land-based applications requiring most uncompromising environments. This solution uses computers from Crystal Rugged, these workstations are build for applications designed to work in a variety of extreme environments; extreme schock/vibe, extreme temperature ranges, sand/dust, salt/fog,. This workstation is desgined to meet […]

Underwater High-speed Web Streaming and multi-camera recording

NorPix has developed a system for a military client providing underwater high-speed web streaming HD capture at 338 frames per second from 18 cameras simultaneously along with live streaming to a remote recording station. The solution uses StreamPix Remote to manage 18 Emergent HS-2000 cameras in waterproof enclosures. The setup uses 5 PCs for uncompressed […]

Motion analysis high-speed video capture for biomechanical applications

When capturing for motion analysis or the biomechanics of animals such as bats, primates, or lizards, it is essential that their movements be captured at high speed. With StreamPix® software, either a single camera or multiple synced cameras can be used to take rapid, uncompressed video. In this example, a portable setup is shown for […]